Do you take the time to laugh?

Take time to laugh; it is the music of the soul. This phrase comes from an Old English prayer – “Take Time.” It is a brilliant reminder to take and make time in our day to appreciate laughter, kindness, worship, reading, and being. I decided to begin writing about laughter because I love to laugh. I love it when my friends find me in a crowd or gathering not because they saw me but because they heard and knew my laugh. It’s my laugh that prompts them to come and find me.

Over the years I have come to know and respect that fact that live can be hard, sometimes really hard. With this comes a full appreciation of being able to laugh at myself and be deeply humble in how I walk through this world. Living from this place of humility helps to give my live perspective, provides me with the ability to prioritize and make better choices about how I live and strive to appreciate the gifts I find each day.

Being able to laugh is also essential in being able not to take myself too seriously and remembering that I am not in charge. Knowing and trusting that I am an instrument for my creator is a big step in my journey. Trusting that God is the one who is in charge and that He has everything covered. I find that when I cannot laugh when I go dark, it is a matter of me not trusting Him.

The struggle is real – when you take the time to listen to loved ones, friends and yes even strangers – being able to let go of this need for control is a daily struggle. Making time for prayer to ask for help in trusting God. Reading my daily scripture is how I hand over the reigns to God. When I can start my day in His Word this is when I find I have larger ability to laugh and let go of the small things. I am more peaceful and peace-filled because I can let go of the fear and let in God’s love and light. Remember fear is not from God.

Living from this place – being able to let go of all the could be’s and maybe’s and shifting into the promises that God has made and kept truly enables each of us to live with the sense of peace, hope and love that our creator  deeply desires for each us.

So go on – laugh more and hand over the steering wheel to your Heavenly Father. He’s got this! Want to read more stories about giving up the wheel, I invite you to check out my book Seeing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary. Lots of humor and humility.