Do you take the time to pray?

From the time I was a young child, I can remember watching my parents and grandparents take the time to pray. From meal time to night time I had these role models teaching me how to pray to God. For me, giving thanks and praying on behalf of others is easier because of this. Where the challenges lie, and where I continue to grow in my prayer life, is in two-way communications — learning to sit and be with God. Being open to what He would have me hear is something I still working on. That, and being intentional in my prayer life. I now consistently carve out time in my day and week to be still and listen for his guidance, wisdom and direction are a top priority.

To make this two-way communication a reality, I have begun to schedule time daily for a time in my Bible study and prayer. I also pray each evening with my children using Beth Moore’s PRAISE Prayer (P=Praise God; R=Repent where have I turned away from God; A=Acknowledge that Jesus died for my sins; I=Intercession,  my prayer time for others; S=Self prayers for me; and E=Equip myself with wht I need from God to follow His will and way for my life.)

Some of the most powerful and meaningful conversations I have had with my children are during our PRAISE prayers. The Holy Spirit is alive and very active during those moments. Making time to pray with my family keeps us connected and keeps God at the center of our lives — which is where He belongs.

I encourage you to pray daily. Even better, throughout your day. Find those organic moments in your schedule when you can sit and be with God both in the Bible and with Him in prayer. When God spoke to Moses on how he wanted His people to stay close to Him with His commandments the very first thing He said was dwell with me, then He told us to love each other and then tell others. Staying close to God and turning away from that which separates you from God will bring you joy and contentment that is unparalleled. I encourage you to take time to pray today. Try it and see what happens.

If you seek exercises to help guide you in prayer, try my book, Seeing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.

Take time to pray. It is the greatest power on earth.



Do you take time for love?

Take time to love and be loved. It is God’s greatest gift.

My daughter and I were filling out an application for her student leadership position at the school. The application asked questions about student’s skills and qualification for the various leadership positions. One of the questions asked the respondent to list three  top skills that were qualifications to be a student ambassador.

As I posed this question to my daughter, a huge grin appeared on her face. She had her answer and was ready. I asked Amelia, “What are your top skills that make you a candidate to be a student ambassador?”

She said, Mommy… kindness and love.”

I said, “Amelia, I think you need to list three skills as the application calls for, and you need to explain a little more.”

She began shaking her head side to side and finally said, “Mom, love covers it all. I don’t need to say anything more.”

I was stunned — Upstaged yet again by my ten-year-old. Love does cover everything. Love is the greatest gift given to us by our Creator. Love connects us. Love feeds and sustains us. Love is the beginning, and love never, ever ends.

Yes, my dear Amelia, love — the greatest gift — does, in fact, cover everything. It is how God breathed life into the dirt and created humans, and it is what remains long after we humans leave this earth for the next place.