What example are we setting for our children?

“Children may close their ears to advice, but they open their eyes to your example,” -Anonymous

With the elections results still very fresh for all of us, I wonder what our children and seeing in our example? Over the last week, my children have come home with stories from school of peers pointing the finger at others who have differing political opinions than them. From the middle schoolers, I have heard stories of fake social media accounts pitting one side against another side. The online comments are hurtful and cutting. No one seems to be listening to one another. It is not safe to share let alone trying to explore what we have in common.

I have seen smart people, good people, faithful people marginalize and demonize others. My prayer is that behind the protests, behind the hurtful comments, underneath the loss of an election we can be reminded of who we are and whose we are. We need to consider what we are putting out in the world and be more emotionally mature in how we each engage and influence the change we hope to see and be in the world. Remember our children may close their ears to advice, but they most certainly are watching our example.

So I ask you, what example are you setting for our children?