Do You Dare to Live Like You Are Loved?

Have you ever heard a phrase that hits you like a lightning bolt? That is what happened to me. I felt a surge of energy flow through my body and my heart skipped a beat. Wow, I love the moments when you know the Spirit is alive and at work in your heart and soul. Having a Creator who can connect so intimately and personally with me through the Spirit even in a large gathering of women reminds me of the close connection each of us has with our heavenly Father.

The phrase Dare to Live Like You Are Loved is especially powerful for me as I am launching a book of devotions Seeing Yourself as God Sees You. Don’t Let Lies Be Your Truth. In sharing and writing stories of how I have come to believe what I tell myself over and over again and how this became my reality. It is in those moments of pause and prayer that I begin to see and recognize the misbeliefs I have been telling myself. I have a choice to make. I can choose to continue believing the misbeliefs or I can decide to choose differently. The Spirit guides me and pulls me back to the One who created me. The Spirit that is within each of us as believers guide me back to the unconditional love of my heavenly Father.

When you have thoughts that are diminishing, discouraging, or thoughts that pull you away from others they are not from our Creator. So often when those thoughts enter your being, you begin to tell them to yourself over, and over again. Repetition in our thoughts builds strong, powerful connections in our heart, soul, and brain. Over time the misbeliefs can dominate, but they don’t have too.

You have a choice to stay on the misbelief course, or you can notice and pay attention to the Spirit that lives within you and change your course. When you let go of the misbeliefs, you make space for the One who made you with such intent and love. When you can let go of the worldly thoughts and step into being in a relationship with our heavenly Father, then the opening occurs. Choosing to change the course, and allowing yourself to yield to a higher power is a game changer. Choosing to pause, to pray, and yield to a higher power is a heart and soul changer.

When you can let go of the in truths of the diminishing, discouraging and separating thoughts, you make space for life. You make space for the ability to have meaningful connections not only with our Creator but with others. Your ability to shift to a place that allows encouraging, enhancing, and positive thoughts to flow through your being. Then you can step back onto the path of discovering who you were made to be by a Creator whose very breath brought you life. He knows intimately and delights in who you – good, bad and ugly. This higher source knows every hair on your head. He races across the heavens when you call for Him. Our heavenly Father desires that you know His eternal love here on earth. Imagine divine love here in our broken world. What do you choose?

To know this level of peace that surpasses understanding, to know this level of joy, and love, that he desires for you takes work on our part. It demands the ability to let go of worldly things. It requires the ability to let go of thoughts that are not from him. It requires the ability to turn away from the unyielding desires of this world. To let go of the misbeliefs, turn away from the choices the habits that separate us from our Creator, requires energy, focus, and attention. This effort is not meant to be done alone. I wonder if you’re curious? I wonder if something inside your soul seeks more, intuitively you are feeling something at work within you? So if you feel something percolating within you, then I have a question for you today. What would it feel like to dare to live like you’re loved?

Seeing Yourself as God Sees You: Don’t Let Lies Be Your Truth


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