About Heather Durenberger

Durenberger-225x225Heather Durenberger is a consultative coach, instructor, public speaker, and author. Her favorite quote: If your vision is for a year, plant wheat. If your vision is for ten years, plant trees. If your vision is for a lifetime, plant people. Heather is passionate about planting people by meeting them where they are and then leading them to self-discovery, insights, growth to reach their fullest potential.

In her work Heather loves helping individuals and organizations take the first step into discovering their greatest possibilities through high trust conversation to get to “what is really going on” within the organization and its leadership teams.

By equipping clients to understand the whole picture, be crystal clear on why they exist and what they deliver before moving to strategies and action Heather ensures better design and stronger organizational performance. Working to build confidence in leadership teams enables them to confidently navigate sticky intersections which help organizations leap to the next level of performance and impact.

She is a graduate level instructor at the University of St. Mary’s in the Human Development and the Philanthropy and Development Department.  She consults and coaches’ leadership teams in addition to public speaking. She has a master of business administration and a master of biopsychology, not to mention a house full of books!

She is active in faith formation and women’s ministry at her church and mentors many leaders and nonprofits. Her most cherished title is a wife and proud momma of four children.

For consulting information, you can reach Heather on her website at http://www.heatherdurenberger.com.


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